The Buy to Let Britain Report Edition two

Continued growth in the PRS

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Published in the spring of 2015, the PRS continued to grow apace, leading us to forecast that it would break through the £1 trillion barrier imminently, and that the number of PRS households would reach just under 5 million (nearly one in five households) by March 2016.

We examined in detail the growth in value and size of the PRS in the previous 12 months, revealing the lack of uniformity across the country and where it had been most impacted by slowing house price growth. We also examined how capital appreciation and rental income across Great Britain’s 4.8 million rented households was leading to total annual returns of more than £112 billion. With the buy to let market continuing to grow, we took a closer look at some of the future dynamics of property investing.

We also looked at how long it typically took the average property investor to unlock enough capital to finance their second rental property, and the implication this would have on returns over a twenty year period.